Shiba Inu's Shibarium Gains Momentum with New Adoption and Development Updates

Get the latest updates on Shibarium, the Shiba Inu Layer 2 protocol. Discover its new adoption milestones, development achievements, and increasing whale activity. Stay informed with the latest news in the crypto world.

Posted 8 months ago in Layer 2

An image depicting the adoption journey of Shibarium

Shibarium is making progress in its adoption journey. It has integrated with MathWallet, a popular multichain Web3 crypto wallet. Shibarium has surpassed 3 million total transactions, with 1,250,295 wallet addresses and 776,663 total blocks. The Shibarium gas token, BONE, has been integrated as a payment option on LaborX, a crypto-based job site. Kaal Dhairya, the Shiba Inu developer, warned about a dummy token called Calcium. Recent data shows a spike in Shiba Inu whale activity, with a substantial increase in large transaction volume. Whale Alert reported a transfer of 4,595,530,677,374 SHIB worth $33,377,339.

Last updated 9/23/2023, 8:59:03 AM


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