opBNB Network Alert: Bug in Metamask Wallet Affects Transactions on Layer-2 Platform

Discover the latest alert from the opBNB network regarding a bug in Metamask Wallet that affects transactions on the opBNB Mainnet. Learn how to avoid the issue and stay updated with official information.

Posted 8 months ago in Layer 2

An image depicting a user's transaction with Metamask Wallet on the opBNB Mainnet

The opBNB network, a newly launched Layer-2 platform on BNB Chain, has issued a critical alert to Metamask users regarding a bug affecting transactions on the platform's Mainnet. The opBNB network went live on Sept. 13 after successful testing, during which more than 35 million transactions and 150 applications were deployed.

In a recent tweet, BNB Chain, the organization behind opBNB, warns users about the bug in the Metamask Wallet. The bug occurs randomly on about 1 out of 20 attempts and causes the wallet to recommend a '0' value for the 'max base fee' or 'max priority fee' fields, resulting in failed transactions.

BNB Chain speculates that this issue could be a glitch in the Metamask Wallet interface or a compatibility problem with the opBNB Mainnet. They are currently working with Metamask to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, opBNB users are advised to carefully check their transaction details before confirming. If the 'max base fee' or 'max priority fee' fields show a '0' value, users should cancel the transaction and try again until a normal fee recommendation is displayed.

Additionally, BNB Chain warns the community about potential scams related to opBNB's launch. They highlight the possibility of bad actors using the launch to promote misleading social media accounts and scam websites. Users are urged to verify information only from official sources.

Last updated 9/23/2023, 9:38:40 AM


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