MetaMask Launches Snaps: A Platform for Custom Add-ons

MetaMask has officially launched Snaps, a platform for independent developers to create custom add-ons for the MetaMask wallet.

Posted 8 months ago in Wallets

MetaMask Snaps platform logo

Leading noncustodial wallet MetaMask has just launched Snaps, a new platform that allows independent developers to create and deploy their own add-ons for the MetaMask wallet. This release is a significant step towards making MetaMask fully premissionless and decentralized.

MetaMask Snaps, which is currently in open beta version, enables third-party developers to customize MetaMask wallet with features and functionalities. The platform allows teams to create add-ons that work with assets on blockchains that do not use Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

The first iteration of MetaMask Snaps is available for Google Chrome users, with the release for Mozilla Firefox on its way. The wallet's portal already offers over 30 Snaps, including connections to popular non-EVM blockchains like Bitcoin, Cosmos, Solana, Starknet, Algorand, Sui, and Aptos. Additionally, Snaps platform provides features such as secret chat functionality and integration with the XMTP protocol.

MetaMask's transition towards a more decentralized ecosystem aligns with its commitment to building a peer-to-peer network of decentralized applications with zero possibilities of censorship. The developers believe that a decentralized internet accessible to all will lead to exponential human flourishing.

While Snaps is a major milestone for MetaMask, the journey towards a fully permissionless ecosystem is ongoing. The developers are working towards an airdrop of a hypothetical MetaMask token, which would establish fully decentralized governance for the wallet.

Earlier this year, in March 2023, the MetaMask team released a software development kit (SDK) to streamline the integration of the wallet into Web3 games.

Last updated 9/13/2023, 3:00:13 AM


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