Is libra crypto running off of xrp ripple?

No, Libra (also known as Diem) and XRP Ripple are separate cryptocurrencies and platforms. Libra is a digital currency project developed by Facebook and its partners, while XRP Ripple is a cryptocurrency created by Ripple Labs. Although Libra was initially planned to run on the Libra blockchain, it has since undergone significant changes and is now set to launch as a stablecoin backed by a basket of fiat currencies.

On the other hand, XRP Ripple operates on its own independent blockchain and is primarily used as a source of liquidity for cross-border transactions. While both Libra and XRP Ripple aim to provide efficient and cost-effective means of transferring value, they have different underlying technologies and goals.

Last updated 10/12/2023, 8:26:04 AM



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