XRP Finds a New Trading Home on MetalX.com

Read about the listing of XRP on MetalX.com, a rebranded version of Proton DEX. Explore its potential for investors and its journey amidst price fluctuations.

Posted 10 months ago in Altcoins

XRP cryptocurrency on a digital background

XRP, the cryptocurrency associated with Ripple, has been listed on MetalX.com, a rebranded version of the Proton DEX exchange. This comes after XRP recently experienced a significant price drop. Despite this downtrend, the listing indicates a level of market confidence in XRP's potential and offers a new trading avenue for existing and potential investors.

Embracing XRP MetalX.com represents a substantial evolution from its previous incarnation, Proton DEX, not merely functioning as a decentralized exchange but aspiring to be a full-fledged financial ecosystem. The platform boasts an array of features designed to bridge the divide between security and accessibility, including zero gas fees, instant transactions, and robust on-chain identity verification.

XRP's price has recently retraced the gains it made following the SEC v. Ripple case, currently hovering at $0.47, with a market cap of $25.1 billion. Financial analysts like Benjamin Cowen note that "narratives do not drive the market, liquidity does." After initially spiking to above $0.80 in July — thanks to being relisted on major exchanges like Coinbase — the cryptocurrency has struggled to maintain its upward trajectory. However, its 24-hour trading volume of over $1.15 billion suggests that there remains a considerable level of interest in XRP despite its recent setbacks.

Last updated 9/12/2023, 3:47:09 AM


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