Will DOGE and SHIB Experience an Upward Move Next Week?

Find out if DOGE and SHIB will experience an upward trend next week. Analyze their current rates, technical positions, and potential resistance levels.

Posted 10 months ago in Market Analysis

Chart showing the upward movement of DOGE and SHIB

Bulls remain more powerful than bears on the first day of the weekend. Top coins by CoinMarketCap DOGE/USD The rate of DOGE has increased by 0.21% since yesterday.

Today's slight rise has not affected the technical position of DOGE on the daily chart. The price is far from the main levels, which means that any sharp moves are unlikely to happen soon.

In this case, sideways trading in the area of $0.060-$0.063 is the more likely scenario for the next few days. DOGE is trading at $0.06177 at press time.

SHIB/USD SHIB has gained more than DOGE, going up by almost 3%. The rate of SHIB is on the way to test the resistance level of $0.00000757. If the bar closes around that mark, the accumulated energy might be enough for a continued rise to the area of $0.000008. SHIB is trading at $0.00000750 at press time.

Last updated 9/23/2023, 3:32:18 PM


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