Snook: The Legendary Snake Game Launches on Arbitrum Blockchain

Snook, the legendary kill-or-be-killed arcade game Snake, launches on Arbitrum blockchain with native token rewards. Play the online multiplayer version with NFT characters and track your achievements immutably on the blockchain. Exciting rewards await both experienced and newbie players.

Posted 8 months ago in Blockchain

An image showing a Snook gameplay screenshot with tokenized characters battling each other on the blockchain.

The online multiplayer version of Snake, with non-fungible tokens as characters, comes to the largest L2 platform on Ethereum (ETH) to make its economics more attractive to retail GameFi users. It is one of the first games that tracks skill and gameplay achievements immutably on the blockchain.

Thanks to Arbitrum's ultra-low transactional costs and high operational speed, all gameplay accomplishments of Snook players are recorded on the blockchain. On every L1 platform, it would be rather costly and resource inefficient.

Snook is set to pioneer a new kind of crypto game where the market value of its NFTs is determined by the player's skill level and in-game virtual achievements. The team of Snook is excited about its latest accomplishments and highlights that the new offering is beneficial for both experienced and newbie players.

By offering Snook on Arbitrum, we’ll be able to gather valuable feedback from the community to determine if stablecoin assets are more appealing to users than the naturally volatile SNK token. As such, GameFi pros and newcomers can invest their time and effort into Snook to get valuable rewards for their contributions.

USDC bonuses might be withdrawn immediately, while SNK payouts can be exchanged on the QuickSwap and exchanges.

Expansion to Arbitrum marks a radical shift in the tokenomic design of Snook's treasury. Snook's treasury smart contracts will now be collecting USDC instead of SNK, diversifying its holdings to a stablecoin asset in order to support and maintain the value of its in-game economy.

Snook players can make their tokenized characters fight again and again, improving their attempts to retain and even increase their value as a digital asset and collectible that can be sold on a third-party service like Blur or OpenSea.

Last updated 9/28/2023, 4:39:44 PM


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