Shibburn Introduces New Tracker for SHIB Burns on Shibarium

Learn about the new Shibburn tracker for SHIB burns on Shibarium. Monitor the accumulated crypto and the upcoming Shibarium-powered SHIB burn. Stay updated with the burn rate and recent SHIB burning achievements by the SHIB community.

Posted 10 months ago in Blockchain

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Shibburn, the platform that tracks SHIB burn transactions on Etherscan, has announced the development of a new tracker on Shibarium. This tracker allows users to monitor the amount of crypto accumulated through SHIB burns on Shibarium.

The page provides updates on the number of transactions required for the first Shibarium-powered SHIB burn, based on the average gas fee. Additionally, it displays the value of BONE tokens used to pay these fees on Shibarium. Although not fully synced yet, users can view the accumulation of $SHIB burns on Shibarium so far.

Shibarium's burning mechanism involves allocating a portion of every fee to network developers and converting the remaining part to SHIB. The converted SHIB is then transferred to a dead wallet. By running a node from NowNodes, Shibburn aims to achieve a more precise calculation of the BONE quantity needed for the first burn. Currently, 0.000007503367 BONE has been accumulated (equivalent to 0.000006065468 USD).

As Shibarium gains momentum, approaching a total transaction count of 3,000,000, the SHIB community continues burning SHIB tokens through their own efforts. In the past 24 hours, a staggering 72,819,987 Shiba Inu coins have been sent to unspendable wallets, resulting in a 138.67% increase in the burn rate of SHIB. Impressively, the SHIB army burned 530 million Shiba Inu meme coins last week.

Last updated 9/19/2023, 11:42:30 AM


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