Ripple's Recent Partnerships Open New Opportunities for Mass Crypto Adoption

Read about Ripple's recent partnerships and acquisitions that open new opportunities for mass crypto adoption. Discover how Ripple is connecting crypto platforms to traditional financial institutions and tokenizing real-world assets.

Posted 7 months ago in Blockchain

Ripple's Recent Partnerships

Ripple Labs has made major strides in the fintech industry with its recent partnerships and acquisitions. The company recently inked a partnership with Metaco, a Switzerland-based company that provides crypto custody services to financial institutions. This partnership will allow Ripple to expand mass crypto adoption to banks and other financial institutions.

In addition to the partnership with Metaco, Ripple also announced an agreement to acquire Fortress Trust, a financial institution that offers financial, technological, and regulatory infrastructure for Web3. With these two partnerships / acquisitions, Ripple Labs now has the tools and infrastructure to connect crypto platforms, such as exchanges, companies, wallets, and dApps, to traditional financial institutions.

These partnerships open up new opportunities for Ripple to tokenize real-world assets and hold them in safe and compliant ways. Ripple can now build the necessary infrastructure for exchanges, companies, wallets, and apps to connect to fiat rails, banks, trusts, retirement plans, and more.

Ripple's commitment to mass crypto adoption is evident in its regular selling of XRP. Whale Alert crypto tracker recently detected a transfer of 29,500,000 XRP from Ripple to the Bitstamp exchange. This ongoing selling of XRP demonstrates Ripple's efforts to increase liquidity and usage of its digital asset.

Despite the XRP sales, the sixth largest cryptocurrency is currently down nearly 5%, trading at $0.4753. However, with Ripple's new partnerships and the potential for increased adoption, the future looks promising for both Ripple and XRP.

Last updated 9/11/2023, 3:56:12 PM


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