Is BONE on the Verge of Reversal? Price Analysis and Predictions

Find out the latest price analysis and predictions for BONE coin. Are bulls on the verge of regaining control? Stay updated with CoinStats data and hourly chart analysis.

Posted 9 months ago in Market Analysis

Chart showing the price movement of BONE coin

Bulls are trying to be back in the game again, according to CoinStats. Top coins by CoinStats, BONE/USD, have seen a drop of 1.52% since yesterday.

On the hourly chart, the price of BONE might have found support at the local level of $0.7973. If the daily bar closes above the $0.80 area, we can anticipate an upward move to the $0.82 range tomorrow.

Zooming out to a bigger time frame, BONE is currently positioned in the middle of a wide channel, indicating an impending sharp move. With no clear direction from buyers or sellers yet, it is more likely that BONE will consolidate in the range of $0.80-$0.82 for the upcoming week.

From the midterm perspective, BONE still has a long way to go in terms of a local rise. Buyers would need to push the price above the nearest resistance level of $0.9111. However, this may take a few weeks to materialize.

BONE is currently trading at $0.8084 at press time.

Last updated 9/16/2023, 12:03:23 PM


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