Google Cloud Partners with Zilliqa to Boost Performance and Accessibility of Blockchain

Discover how Google Cloud's strategic alliance with Zilliqa is set to enhance the performance and accessibility of the blockchain, providing robust infrastructure for decentralized applications.

Posted 10 months ago in Blockchain

Blockchain collaboration between Google Cloud and Zilliqa

Zilliqa, a high-performance L1 blockchain, has entered into a strategic alliance with Google Cloud to enhance its performance, accessibility, transparency, and bandwidth. The collaboration was announced at the TOKEN2049 crypto conference in Singapore and aims to improve the resilience and scalability of the Zilliqa blockchain.

Decentralized applications on the Zilliqa blockchain will benefit from the robust and attack-resistant infrastructure provided by Google Cloud. This partnership signifies a significant step towards growth and innovation in the Web3 space.

Matt Dyer, CEO of the Zilliqa Group, emphasized the importance of this collaboration for the technical and marketing roadmaps of Zilliqa and its ecosystem. He stated, 'Our strategic alliance with Google Cloud is a strategic alignment that furthers the ambitions of our ventures and revenue-generating organizations.'

The partnership with Google Cloud will also see them join the set of staked seed node operators on the Zilliqa network. This means that Google Cloud's computational resources will contribute to securing the integrity and operability of Zilliqa transactions and blocks.

James Tromans, head of Web3 at Google Cloud, expressed excitement about the collaboration and the vision of Zilliqa's ecosystem. He stated, 'As a foundational technology provider, our engineering work with Zilliqa Group will focus on improving scalability and resilience to better support novel scaling solutions like sharding. We also aim to enhance the availability of blockchain datasets for public inspection and analysis.'

This partnership follows Google Cloud's previous collaboration with Flare blockchain and further solidifies their position in the blockchain segment. With the Asia Pacific region witnessing a rise in Web3 innovation, Google Cloud looks forward to collaborating with more companies like Zilliqa Group in the future.

In July 2023, Zilliqa underwent a major codebase upgrade, making it fully interoperable with the Ethereum Virtual Machine and boosting its overall performance.

Last updated 9/14/2023, 2:17:42 AM


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