Ensuring Business Continuity: Applying Existing Bank Rules

Discover how applying existing bank rules can ensure business continuity in the cryptocurrency industry.

Posted 8 months ago in Blockchain

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As the cryptocurrency industry continues to evolve and gain traction, ensuring business continuity is crucial. Diogo Monica, a renowned expert in the field, suggests that one way to achieve this is by applying existing bank rules rather than creating new regulations.

Monica emphasizes that the foundation for business operations in the cryptocurrency realm can be built upon the well-established rules and practices that govern traditional banking systems. By adapting such rules to suit the unique characteristics of cryptocurrencies, businesses can strengthen their operations and maintain continuity.

The application of existing bank rules offers several advantages. Firstly, it provides a solid framework that has been tested and proven over time. This framework includes regulations on customer identification, transaction monitoring, and anti-money laundering measures.

Additionally, adopting existing bank rules helps to foster trust and credibility in the cryptocurrency industry. By aligning with established regulatory standards, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to compliance and gain the confidence of both users and investors.

Moreover, utilizing existing rules allows for interoperability between traditional banking systems and the cryptocurrency sector. This seamless integration facilitates smoother transactions, enhances liquidity, and promotes wider adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Diogo Monica's proposition challenges the notion that new regulations need to be created to govern the cryptocurrency industry. Instead, by leveraging the rules already in place within the traditional banking system, businesses can navigate the complexities of the crypto landscape more effectively.

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to mature, the importance of ensuring business continuity cannot be overstated. By applying existing bank rules, businesses can mitigate risks, foster trust, and create a sustainable environment for growth and innovation.

Last updated 9/11/2023, 12:21:04 AM


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