Delaware Takes Action Against Cryptocurrency Scam: Protecting Investors from Fraud

Delaware authorities take action after a senior citizen loses a fortune to a cryptocurrency scam. Learn how Delaware is combatting crypto fraud and protecting investors. Discover the extent of crypto fraud in the US and the proactive steps being taken to prevent it.

Posted 7 months ago in Security

Senior citizen looking worried while holding a phone displaying a Bitcoin symbol.

Delaware authorities have responded to a distressing incident where a senior citizen fell victim to a cryptocurrency scam, losing a staggering $275,000. This unfortunate case has prompted the Delaware Department of Justice to take action and combat crypto fraud more effectively.

The senior citizen in question invested their money in a website called, mistakenly thinking it was the legitimate crypto investment platform The scammer used the classic technique of gaining the victim's trust and presenting an attractive investment opportunity, promising substantial returns. When the victim realized the deceit, they reported the incident to law enforcement.

To aid their investigation, Delaware officials sought assistance from a digital analytics firm to trace the location of the scammers' wallets. Furthermore, they blocked these wallets from receiving assets from Delaware residents, a proactive step that could serve as a model for other jurisdictions facing similar challenges.

Delaware's endeavor is not an isolated one. Crypto fraud has reached alarming levels across the United States, with over 53,000 people reporting losses totaling $1.4 billion due to scams in 2022 alone, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The elderly are often the primary targets of such fraud, leading the AARP to issue an official warning.

In addition to state-level efforts, federal agencies are intensifying their focus on romance and pig butchering scams. Just recently, the Department of Justice seized $112 million worth of cryptocurrencies linked to these malicious activities. California stands out as a hotspot for such scams, prompting the state government to establish a crypto scam tracker to monitor and combat the issue.

Romance scams and fake websites are often pivotal elements in crypto fraud. Victims are enticed by the promise of love or legitimate investment opportunities, only to have their assets stolen by fraudsters. It is crucial for authorities at all levels to tackle this issue comprehensively, protecting vulnerable individuals and preserving the integrity of the crypto industry.

Last updated 9/20/2023, 5:01:00 PM


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