Bitbuy Partners with Localcoin, Expanding Crypto ATM Offerings in Canada

Bitbuy partners with Localcoin, Canada's largest Bitcoin ATM provider, to expand the range of cryptocurrency ATM offerings across the country. The partnership integrates Bitbuy's exchange platform and brings deep liquidity to Localcoin ATMs.

Posted 8 months ago in Blockchain

Localcoin ATM and Bitbuy partnership for expanding cryptocurrency ATM offerings in Canada

Canadian fintech corporation WonderFi, backed by billionaire Kevin O’Leary, has announced a strategic partnership between Bitbuy and Localcoin ATM. This partnership aims to enhance Localcoin's cryptocurrency ATM offerings across Canada by integrating Bitbuy's exchange platform and its deep liquidity. Localcoin operates the largest cryptocurrency ATM network in Canada, with 900 machines making up 33% of the national total. With this partnership, Bitbuy's digital asset services will cover nearly 50% of Canada's Bitcoin ATMs.

Last year, the Ontario Securities Commission stated that over 30% of Canadians plan to buy cryptocurrencies in 2023. Despite the regulatory challenges faced by some crypto companies, increased clarity has attracted institutional investors to Canada's digital assets market.

Localcoin ATM will also be expanding its range of cryptocurrency offerings and launching a wallet app.

Last updated 9/18/2023, 9:46:39 PM


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