Binance.US Scores Temporary Win Against SEC, Mt. Gox Repayments Delayed, and Tether's $1B Liquidity to Tron Network

Get the latest updates on the temporary win for Binance.US against the SEC, the postponement of Mt. Gox repayments, and Tether's $1B liquidity authorization to the Tron network.

Posted 10 months ago in Blockchain

A judge holding the scales of justice, symbolizing the legal victory

Binance.US has won a temporary victory against the SEC as the judge refused to grant immediate access to its software. The SEC had requested detailed information and depositions from Binance, but the judge suggested more specific requests. Meanwhile, Binance global and its CEO CZ have requested dismissal of the SEC's lawsuit.

In another development, Mt. Gox's trustee has postponed repayments to 2024, holding 142,000 Bitcoin, 143,000 Bitcoin Cash, and 69 billion Japanese yen. Tether has authorized $1 billion in liquidity for the Tron network. Debtors of FTX have launched legal action against SBF's parents, accusing them of misappropriating millions of dollars. Grayscale has applied for an Ether futures ETF with the SEC. Bitcoin is circling lower after the Fed's decision, with $20,000 price predictions resurfacing. Balancer believes a social engineering attack led to its website being compromised and crypto stolen. A Hong Kong influencer has been arrested in connection with the JPEX liquidity crisis. CoinEx has suffered a $70 million token theft due to compromised private keys.

Last updated 9/23/2023, 8:18:44 PM


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